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Why It is Healthy to Cleanse Your Vagina with the Healthy Foods We Eat?

Posted by Courtney Adeleye on

Life can be overwhelming with obligations, some duties we can often put off until another day. However, there is one obligation that you can never be put on hold or that can wait patiently for you to address, and that is your feminine hygiene and wellness. This duty takes high priority in the responsibilities of your daily life. So have no fear, Foolproof Body has come forth in helping to give you the key to resolve those private feminine matters that can sometimes secretly plague us and cause significant inconvenience. Foolproof Body’s three new vaginal washes are here to disrupt your life in a good way!


Foolproof Body Has Changed the Game with These Extraordinary Vaginal Washes

Some foods that we eat that provide us with so many rich nutrients within our body system can also be beneficial as intimate vaginal cleansers. Foolproof Body took the careful time to comprehensively and perfectly create three vaginal washes enriched with healthy and supporting ingredients that you see every day within your local market. These amazingly designed vaginal washes will set you on the path of superb feminine hygiene wellness.

 Introducing the vaginal washes: Foolproof Body Cranberry Juice and Cool Peppermint Wash that refreshes and rejuvenates, Foolproof Body Oatmeal and Sweet Almonds Wash that soothes and calms, and Foolproof Body Velvety Yogurt & Salubrious Elderberry Wash that protects and defends. These washes have finally arrived to specifically disrupt and change the feminine hygiene game!


 Benefits of Foolproof Body Cranberry Juice and Cool Peppermint Vaginal Wash

 A normal vaginal PH balance is 3.8 to 4.5. Frequently, sexual intercourse, douching, bath bombs, and salts can cause a terrible disruption in the PH leading to bothersome vaginal symptoms such as foul odor, increased discharge, itching, and irritation. Foolproof Cranberry Juice and Cool Peppermint Wash acidic properties help to support the natural acidic environment of the vagina. In doing so, it aids in combatting bad odors, and meddling irritation, also helping to replenish moisture, and completely revitalize.


Benefits of Foolproof Body Warm Oatmeal and Sweet Almonds Vaginal Wash

Sometimes we suffer from vaginal itching, irritation, and dryness due to stress, hormonal fluctuation, perfumed bubble baths, and bar soaps. Foolproof Body Warm Oatmeal and Sweet Almonds vaginal cleanse helps calms and soothe vaginal discomfort and irritability. The infused Oatmeal and Sweet Almonds wash is highly enriched in Vitamin E, helping to rehydrate and moisturize, easing vaginal aching and distress.


 Benefits of Foolproof Body Velvety Yogurt & Salubrious Elderberry Vaginal Wash

 Foolproof Body Velvety Yogurt & Salubrious Elderberry is a vaginal warrior and helps to protect and defend. It is a stealthy gatekeeper in vaginal hygiene and wellness. The vagina always keeps a certain level of residing yeast and bacteria, but sometimes there is an overgrowth of these microbes due to a high carb diet, stress, oral contraceptives, or sex. Most of the time, this can lead to constant battles with yeast infections and sometimes Bacterial Vaginosis (overgrowth of bacteria). This wash is perfectly enriched with velvety yogurt that contains healthy microorganisms that help fight the overgrowth of these harmful microbes, helping to restore a healthy natural balance to the vagina. Also fortified with salubrious elderberry, that aids in immunity and helps boost up a strong vaginal defense.

Make these healthy washes a part of your daily life and hygiene regimen. Foolproof Body wants to set you on the path of optimal feminine health and wellness today!