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Courtney Adeleye, RN, BSN & Dr. Wale Adeleye, MD

As Founder and CEO of The Mane Choice, Courtney Adeleye has built her beauty empire from the ground up by incorporating her specialized, science knowledge base with her own curiosity.

As Courtney shared her personal healthy hair and body care journey on YouTube, her viewers watched her amazing results and yearned for her self-created products to use themselves. Courtney’s unique and healthy products intrigued viewers and quickly garnered a large and loyal following. Her science-based background helped her identify what products and ingredients would render the best results. Realizing that her passion for health as a Registered Nurse and her husband’s unique medical knowledge filled a gap in the health and beauty community, she decided to go all in with product production, and The Mane Choice Hair Solution and Foolproof Body were born.

Courtney started her business and created products from her kitchen for one year until the demand for her products naturally expanded production.

With a continuous focus on health, Courtney and her husband (who is a Medical Doctor) constantly strives to make sure each product offered serves a dual purpose working from the inside out to beautify while improving health. Because the ingredients used are healthy and natural, The Mane Choice and Foolproof Body products are good for self-esteem and GREAT for the body!